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Forums and galleries can be public, and submissions are usually public. Once you share or post your Content, suspending or terminating access will not remove or prevent access to your Content that has already been copied, transmitted, shared, or otherwise posted. If you do not want others to have such access or rights, do not use the sharing, publishing, or other collaboration features of the Offerings and set your permissions accordingly. Autodesk is committed to protecting your privacy and informing you of what Autodesk does with your personal information. Autodesk`s Privacy Policy sets out (i) how Autodesk may collect, use, store, and process personal data about or about you, and (ii) how you may request deletion of your personal data. You confirm that you have read and understood the Privacy Policy. Web services are delivered using processes and safeguards that help keep your content safe. Autodesk may, from time to time, require external auditors to report to Autodesk subscribers Autodesk`s compliance with security controls for certain Autodesk services. You may request from Autodesk a copy of these reports that apply to a web service to which you are subscribed, subject to your agreement with Autodesk not to disclose and restrict the use of these reports.

Autodesk plans to provide these reports no more than once a year. Generate terms of service designed for your blog, website, app, SaaS, or ecommerce website. Define policies and rights for your platform. To subscribe to an offer, you may need an account. You are responsible for anyone who receives, accesses or uses offers through you or your account (including your authorized users). This means (among other things) that you are responsible for your authorized users` compliance with these Terms, including their use of their accounts, as if each of the authorized users were you. In some cases, it may be necessary for your authorized users to create individual accounts or agree to the applicable terms in order to receive, access, or use offers, but this requirement does not affect your liability to your authorized users. .